Buffalo Sabres Photoshops 

Paul asked me to make a banner for his bandcamp page which got me back to using Photoshop. I taught myself basics during hours and hours of practice in high school. I’m not an expert, but I know my way around. Digital media is ever increasing in demand so being able to at least put together graphics will only help. I doubt I could become employed solely with Photoshop, but helping out friends with free graphics is definitely a plus.

The first picture, a postcard from the fictional town of Pominville, named after the Buffalo Sabres captain, was from a hockey blog called Puck Daddy holding a photoshop contest for a Cheesy 90s Poster. I obviously missed the mark, coming up with this postcard idea, but oh well. It got me back into making graphics a little more, mainly because I spend quite a bit of time on the computer and it’s easier to make stuff on the computer than to draw out the players and color them.

It also helps put a little more original content on my Sabres Tumblr rather than just game recaps and pictures from the team’s website. It also helped that last week was a crazy week for the Sabres, trading a fan favorite (Kassian) and receiving another team’s fan favorite then the two teams played at the end of the week (hence the Kassian vs Hodgson). The buzz around the trade was huge and the pictures I made revolving around it easily had the most response of any post I’ve had on the blog. 

From a creative perspective, these are nice but I already see myself settling into a cookie cutter mode with pictures like this. Find a picture, edit the contrast and color balance, maybe use a filter then put ice/grunge brushes in the background and blend it together. More brushes will definitely help this but I’m definitely looking for new techniques to use and mix things up. That’ll come with more experimentation. 

I also hope getting back into Photoshop will help with other things. I might try an alternate logo for the Sabres and also try and make up some more T shirt designs. I don’t know if I’ll try digital painting/coloring again any time soon, but with enough time, who knows.


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