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It’s happened again. Your favorite TV show (or graphic novels or movie franchise or podcast) is headed down the tubes. The shark has been jumped, and now there’s no looking back.

What does it mean for a series to be in decline? What does it look like? And why does it happen? I intend to find out, with the help of Arthur Fonzarelli, Steve Urkel and Fast Eddie, creator and administrator at

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This is the season finale of Sounds Familiar, a podcast by friend of the Compass and Instruments Band member, Blake Cooper. We’ve linked to Blake a couple times, maybe even this podcast, but I’m reblogging it again. 

One, this episode is very interesting and such a great subject to look at considering a vast majority of people consume this kind of media. Two, Blake’s work on this podcast has been solid on every episode. 

With my daily commute to work, I’ve been listening to A LOT of radio after getting bored with my cycle of CDs. Lots of NPR and sports radio, two very different animals. If the radio show isn’t just somebody riffing for hours (sports radio), or interviews (Talk of the Nation), this mini podcast format is generally the bulk of the show. Which is great for me because sometimes I don’t have time to sit in my car and listen to the rest of a story and there is a shorter period of time to concentrate. And honestly, if I heard one of Blake’s stories pop up on the radio, I wouldn’t be surprised. Well at first, I would be like “HOLY SHIT I KNOW THAT GUY,” but I wouldn’t feel like it was out of place at all. The production and presentation of his podcast is stellar and he finds great sources to add to his already interesting subjects.

So check it out, as you’ll notice, this is the season finale, but you can check out the rest of the episodes at If you want to help Blake out, he’s looking for feedback on the show and has a link up to a short survey to improve the podcast, you can take that here.

Quality stuff and I can’t wait for him to start up again.


Friday Tidbit: Independent Creativity

Hello all! As you probably know, I just finished participating in FAWM, or February Album Writing Month. It was a lot of fun and I created quite a few songs that I’m proud of. FAWM is in line with what we’re trying to do here at The Compass: encourage other people to use their creativity and make new and original things. So, in honor of the end of February (and its extension), here are a few examples of people creating such things:

1) First, a song I discovered through FAWM. Vicarious C is the side project of a guy from 4 Aspirin Morning, a ska band out of Wisconsin. I discovered this track randomly one day on the FAWM site and it stuck itself firmly into my brain. I hope you enjoy it as much.

"Karoline Burned The Anarchy Cake" - Vicarious C

2) Blake Cooper was one-fourth of The Instruments Band, a group beloved by many of us at The Compass. All of the guys in the band are simply wonderful, creative fellows who do wonderful, creative things. This includes recording news stories for Public Radio Exchange. If you’re a fan of sitcom tropes, you’ll dig this story from Blake, “Trapped In a Small Space.”

3) I discovered the Buoy Gallery in May of last year when on a journey into Maine with my coworkers. I didn’t get much time to explore it, but I’ve been saving this link since then as a reminder to check it out. I think I really ought to soon; the band that’s playing on March 10 (Electric Homework) seems neat. If you’re ever in Kittery, Maine, stop by.

4) It was my birthday two weeks ago. As a gift, Hot Breakfast recorded a cover of They Might Be Giants’ “Ana Ng”. Jill Knapp is an outstanding singer (and a great friend of me and James), and Matt hits those rhythms oh-so-good. (Of note is the fact that Pennyfarthing, the band I was in while a high school student, covered “Ana Ng” a few times.)

"Ana Ng" - Hot Breakfast

5) Speaking of birthdays, check out this song. It was recently remixed by Pogo, but the original is so pure I wanted to share it specifically.


6) Bonus link! Here’s a song I’m digging right now.

"Tomorrow" - The Cranberries