Tuesday Tidbit: Musical Medley

Howdy to all of you! I hope that you have been enjoying the first few days of fall. For this week’s links post, I didn’t create as much of a unifying theme as I did for my last post, which focused mostly on Ariana Richards. Instead, I have four cool musical things for you to check out. Please, leave some comments in response to these links!

1) I have a ReverbNation page for my music. Recently, a band called Kulture Kill added me as a fan. I was initially skeptical, thinking a band with such an alliterative name would not be appealing to me — but I am impressed. Do not fear the metal tag. This is excellent hard rock from Louisiana, and you might find yourself banging your head ever so slightly.

2) Speaking of southern underground musicians, check out this video from Carey Murdock. I first discovered him when he came with his band NoStar to Mojo 13 in Delaware. It was a summer open mic night, and I was taken with his graciousness and energy. It seems there have been a few changes with his music recently, so there’s no better time than now to discover this great tune. I see and hear a little bit of Springsteen and Tom Waits in this song, “Shot In the Dark.”

3) You don’t have to write a song to be an original musician. Check out ELEW’s work. He plays a style of music he calls “Rockjazz.” Whatever the name, it sounds rad and dynamic. Play his instrumental covers of “Mr. Brightside” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and appreciate a fresh take on these well-known tracks.

4) I’ve recently become obsessed with the classic show The Adventures of Pete and Pete. What makes this show so great, nearly twenty years later? The inspiring brotherhood of the Petes; the greatest superhero to wear red and blue; Ellen Hickle, the most beautiful dot there ever was; the absurdity found seeping throughout the show like so much Orange Lazarus. But what may be the most wonderful aspect of the show was its soundtrack. Every episode featured some great indie and alternative songs. Obviously, the theme song and other pieces by Polaris were outstanding and, most likely, are the most memorable. The more I think about it, the more I realize that the ’90s had some great tunes; I submit this one as proof.

Special bonus link!

5) I’m not quite a quarter-century old, but I have to use two hands to count the number of people I know who have had or will soon have babies. I fear for them, because they are in a world where George Lucas is actively trying to destroy everything good and beautiful about the Star Wars trilogy. With the coming Blu Ray releases, it’s easy to lose hope in seeing anything wonderful or artistically honest in the Star Wars universe again. But trust in the Force, because Brandon Peat and his wife, Emma, have created 26 delightful images for you and the babies in our lives. They decorated their son’s room with alphabetical artwork featuring characters from the original trilogy and expanded universe. The photos elicit the same joy that I had when I first saw Luke, Leia and Han fight the Empire. While Lucas slowly contorts himself into a real-life Emperor Palpatine, I’m comforted in knowing that there are creative people out there like Brandon and Emma keeping the original spirit alive.