Links for a Better Week

Well let me tell you, readers, thursday the 12th was absolute bullshit.

  1. One of my team members at work was in a car accident.  Everyone is ok.  But it was a car accident.  Most people don’t enjoy their day after that.
  2. My homeroom teacher was not present in class because she got in a physical altercation with a tiny student.  She probably will not return.
  3. Three people were shot a few blocks away from the school and we went on lockdown for a bit.
  4. Our 8th grade math teacher’s car had its windows busted in by some asshole.
  5. Upon saying “Have a good weekend, man” to one of my students, he replied with “Fuck you, faggot.”

Middle school is the greatest.

But even after all that, even after the thoughts provoked by James’s piece this week, I don’t feel bad.  In fact, I feel pretty goddamn happy.  Things come and go and the things that ruin our days are erased with each sunrise.  The worries and fears and frustrations of the past eventually leave our consciousness and we continue forward.  There is so much good yet to come that we should not worry about the fucking horrors we cannot control.  So you know what?  Fuck thursday.  It’s friday now.  Here are some links.



  1. This is a video of David Bowie performing “Moonage Daydream" and it is cooler than you.  Note the stage hand at 4:23 that pulls Mick Ronson back as to not vaporize the audience with his guitar solo.
  2. Here is a picture I found on reddit of a bunch of cows rioting in the suburbs.
  3. I have purchased the following books and have begun to read them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
  4. The following is the result of when you type in the word “pizza" into Food Network’s recipe search.  There are 87 pages.  Knock yourself out.
  5. @mackiemaneater has shown a decent amount of support for the Compass.  According to twitter, she may not be doing the best emotionally right now.  It is time for us to show support back.  Say hi to her.  She also has a tumblr.
  6. This is the trailer for Wes Anderson’s newest film Moonrise Kingdom.  It looks incredible.  In related news: Bill Murray continues to be the greatest human being that was ever born.
  7. This is Astronautalis performing “The Case for William Smith" in someone’s living room in Denton, Texas.
  8. Saccharin is the name of the artificial sweetener found in Sweet’n Low.  Scroll down to the “History” section.  It is surprisingly funny and beautiful. 
  9. Happy birthday to the father of Paul and James.  You are a good man.  This is my gift to you.